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A Black Transman's Life Through My Eyes

Through Life and Transition

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Top Surgery
So I am officially post op top surgery. I had my procedure completed on July 8th with Dr. Weiss. Lets just say it was an experience I will never forget. I arrived at the hospital around 10 am and was seen in less then 10 minutes of being there. It really hit me at that moment when undressing that I was really going through with this. My mom and my girlfriend came with me while a friend of mine arrived later. I was told to go to a room in the back and take off all my clothing and put it in a locker. I then went in where I was placed in a cubicle so to speak to wait to be seen by a nurse to check my pressure and to be interviewed by the nurse and the anesthesiologist trainee. I was asked about my medical history again and again which I am assuming is for precaution. The nurse I will say was very bad with her pronouns even when told by the Dr himself to correct herself but I do not feel any type of way because I know who I am on the inside. I was actually reading a blog today that made me feel like maybe I am not actually a male or a female but I prefer to live in the male gender as I feel I would be the most comfortable on a day to day basis. Anyway when everything was a go before I was wheeled to the operating room I asked to see my mom to tell her I love her and to just get some good vibes from someone I know. I was then taken to the operating room where I was strapped down to a table. As I watched all the preparations one of the doctors told me a joke and I was able to relax and calm down. I was wondering while laying there when that moment would come when I would knock out...it never came. I did not remember when it happened. All I remember is waking up and looking down to a bandage around my chest. My lips were dry as hell and I was out of it. I had a headache and I was very irritable. The nurses that I had were very good with me. They helped me get up and use the restroom because I could not use the bedpan for my life. The Dr then came to see me to tell me that everything went well and asked me if I had an appointment to see him that following thursday. He was very reassuring and talked to me for a few before going off to check his other patient who he performed surgery on that day as well.

I am very happy with my decision to decide to go along with this Dr. because he has done nothing but keep me laughing and he has good skills. When I went to see him at my post op appointment he told me that my results were phenomenal and some of his best work. I am blessed to have done this surgery and have minimal pain besides a sharp pain here and there from me moving around to much. I was prescribed tramadol but I have not taken much because it gives me a headache so I was taking acetaminophen Which I tapered off on. So far I am happy with the results I have. I am not sure I will need a revision until about a year but for now I will work out when I am able to again to increase the greatness of it lol. I will post more after my next appointment. I am supposed to get my drains taken out then. Thanks for reading.SAM_1269SAM_1273

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Congrats again man and working out will definitely help things along for sure. The fact you worked out pre op means that you gave him more to work with.

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